Where To Find Green Vervet Monkeys in St Kitts

When arriving in St Kitts, green vervet monkeys are not hard to find. If you come on a cruise ship all you have to do is walk off the ship and keep walking for a couple minutes and you are bound to bump into a local monkey man holding one. He will probably ask you if you want to hold it and take your picture with it. This is a great way to see them up close and they are very used to being with humans. They even have diapers on them to prevent them from having an accident on you. if you came on an airplane you can take a cab over to the pellican mall and walk through the courtyard shopping mall inside.

You can also see them at the beaches by the bar and grill areas. Green vervet monkeys are like humans in the area of eating and drinking so this makes them likely to be seen in these areas.

you can also take a drive through the country side early in the morning or late in the afternoon. they will be in groups and you can see them scampering away to safety. THis is a great way to see them because they are so majestic.

If you go up into the country side you can hear them up in the trees. they can get very loud and draw a lot of attention but they are generally doing this far enough away from houses.

If you are in st kitts and you cant seem to find one, walk up to one of the taxi drivers and tell them you want to see one and they will be able to assist you.

There are several places on the island where you will find monkeys in large cages and you can stop and visit with them. Just be sure to leave a tip for the owner because they have to feed them and take care of them. That can get costly if you live on the island.

it is great to see them domesticated and wild. each has its own personallity that made a huge impression on us.
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